Upcoming Games on PSN- Paragon

When it comes to MOBA games, there are the only couple of them that are worth mentioning. We all know that Dota 2 has brought great success to Blizzard and continues to do so as players from all around the worlds still play it. Available games on PlayStation were always fresh and best on the market, and this game isn’t any different. Paragon, a third person MOBA game, will be released in 3Q of 2016 and players that want to try it out before official release will be able to do so by getting the open beta on August 16th.

What is Paragon?

paragonIn many ways, Paragon resembles Dota or any other MOBA games where two teams are set against each other in a mobile arena. The goal is to conquer areas and destroy enemy towers along the way as you defend against enemy forces and heroes. Both teams have a set of five heroes, each with a set of special abilities and powers. So the principle is the same- kill enemy heroes, destroy orbs/towers and eventually bring enemy forces to their knees by destroying the source of their power. However, this game has much more to offer.

How to get the game.

Although the actual release date of the game was not yet announced, we can expect a full release around Q3 of 2016. There is, and open beta that will be released on 16th of August, and PSN users will be able to buy it either with PSN voucher codes or with money. By playing the early access of the game, you

get a chance to acquire unique heroes as well as items, armor sets and additional content that will be hard to get later on with official release. If you loved Dota and other tower defense and MOBA games, you will be amazed with Paragon.

What can be expected from this game?

Being that the Epic Games is the developer company behind this game we can expect nothing but exceptional gameplay as well as the graphic and physic system. Let’s not forget that Epic Games is a company that is responsible for bringing us many successful titles such as Gear of War, Unreal Tournament, Overkill, etc. However, the biggest success of this company is the development and release of the Unreal Engine. Imagine a classic MOBA game supported with Unreal Engine and you might get a glimpse of what Paragon will look like. There is no official information concerning the class development and actual number of heroes available, but we can expect only the best result from Epic Games.

If you had your fun with other MOBA games and want to see something new and exciting Paragon will deliver exactly that. To play the game, you will need an Epic Games account that you can open on their official website. For any other information about the game you can visit their site. With great anticipation, we expect the official release of the game.

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Fifa 16 Ultra Attack Guide

sdef44It is important to know when and how to attack in Fifa 16, if you are in the situation that you do not have anything to lose, then the desperate actions may have its purpose. With that in mind, we are giving you today Fifa 16 Ultra Attack Guide that will  help you to overrun your opponent in few minutes!
What is Ultra attacking in Fifa 16? well, it is a method when you to get a score only when you desperately need to score a goal, it increases your chances to score a lot, but at the same time, it decreases your defence.With starting ultra attack you will l have more chances to score a goal, but you must be very careful.
So, basically, it is a gambling situation, when you are not sure if you will score or get a goal. This attack may be useful in specific situations, like when you are losing 0-1 and you need at least a draw, in such situations you can try to make a score by starting an Ultra attack, But, you will need a good team therefore, getting more fifa 16 points is a necessity!2916861-fifa16_xboxone_ps4_gamescom_rmvatl_lr_wm
It is important to start Ultra attack, only after 70 minutes of the game, that is a very important point, only when you do not have anything to lose, you should launch Ultra attack.To be prepared for Ultra attack possibility, it is best to have players in your team with high speed, as while performing this extreme formation and strategy the speed is the predominant factor. If your players are agile you will be able to send long passes and go very swiftly to the penalty area, faster then your opponent. One of the best ways to start with attack is to start from counterattack, in the moment when your opponent have the vast majority of players in your half of the pitch. You should always be very careful while making this decision, but as I already wrote above, if you have nothing to lose, then Ultra attack is possibly the best solution that you may have at your disposal. It saved my day several times, in some crucial moments, so on this blog, I wanted to share my personal experience about some benefits, but also about some dangers that are connected with this type of attack. teamTherefore, use this as a bonus, as a final possibility to make a draw or even to win the game, but only start in last segment of the game, otherwise you will be too vulnerable to counterattacks and may make the situation much worse than it was at the beginning.
I am hoping that this short guide, or my personal explanation of Ultra attack, may be of some use, in any case, in Fifa 16 you do not have anything to lose!

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Gaming world

Gaming world


There are all kinds of gamers out there. The casual ones, the hardcore ones and also the professional ones. No matter which one you are, you’re probably playing games because it’s fun to you.

We’re all different and we like different things, so in order to satisfy everyone, gaming world simply put out a lot of game genres. Don’t worry if you’re not into action games or racing games, you will surely find something that is suitable to you.

xbox-one-love-ps4-ds1-670x377-constrainWhen you think about gaming, you probably think about consoles like Xbox and Sony, and of course PC gaming, but there is more to it than that. Mobile phones have evolved so much that you can now play all kinds of games now.

Mobile phones games usually aren’t as engaging as games you would play on Xbox or PC, but they surely are addictive and fun. These games usually revolve around beating the high score, competing with others in how far you’ve come compared to them, laid back games that allow you to relax while you play them and of course some brain troubling puzzles. If you like mobile phone games, we’re going to list a few of them which are top 10, so stay, learn their names and maybe try some of them.

First of all, if you like celebrities you might like playing their games. Kim Kardashian is probably one of the best-known women in the world and she made her own game. Now you can play Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and compete with others in becoming Hollywood’s number one. This game is free to play but it has a purchasable content if you want to overcome this obstacle without paying, you should try Kim Kardashian Hollywood Hack.

drop7Another one we’ve got in store for you is Drop7. Remember when we talked about addictive games? Well, this is one of them, and one of the most addictive as well. The rules are pretty simple, all you have to do is match same numbers in 7×7 grid and try not to get stuck. Seems too simple at first, but wait until you give it a try.

The next one is Device6. Device 6 is different than the others. It’s not for everyone since many people may find it too demanding but if you put your mind to it, it will surely be amazingly fun. This game is not an action packed game, it’s more of a reading style game, you will get all kinds of texts which will lead you to an amazing adventure.

80 days is the next game we have to offer. This game is based on Jules Verne’s novel, Around The World in 80 days. It’s great for people who like travel and adventures, geography and preparing for trips. This game will allow you to stock the supplies needed for the trip and each trip will be different than the last one, one time you will go via boat, another time by land, sometimes even an Airship.

Try any of these games, you won’t get disappointed.

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Explanation of Hungry Shark Evolution aspects

Explanation of Hungry Shark Evolution aspects

Games like Hungry Shark Evolution are out of spotlight and I don’t understand why. This game in particular is beautiful and only bad thing is introduction of microtransactions, but the developer must earn his share of the money somehow. I write this article, to promote certain aspects of this game, rather than writing plain and shallow article about the whole game.

I will skip all the introductory part about this game and talk about more pin-point things, things like advanced controls and other such things. Jumping out of water is done by using boost at just the right moment. That moment is when your shark is just about to break the surface of the water.

TURTLEBoost control will be your best friend in this game, and turtles your special dish of the day. In the case of all sharks you can play in normal mode ( special sharks are not included ) boost will give you shark a temporary speed boost, which can help you catch a pray that is faster than your shark. It will also help when hunting for flying birds and Paragliders. It has other useful benefits, but I will let you discover them. Turtles are important because they will restore your boost bar to the maximum whenever you eat one. Tapping on the screen if you play by tilting you device or pressing two fingers on the touch screen if you like to play like that are the ways to activate that boost.


Beaching is another technique for getting more food with the help of the boost. If a land mass you want to beach on is small you will be able to go over it and eat every human there. If it isn’t, then be satisfied with few humans on the beach, humans that are close to the water. Be careful when you do this, because in some cases the prey is not worth the hunt. That is the case when you take too long to get back in the water and you lose all bonuses given by those tasty humans.

sreWhen you end a turn in the sea your score will be transferred into coins and those coins can be spent in two sections. One of those sections is evolve, where you will be able to upgrade your existing shark or unlock next shark. Then there is a general store which offers a lot of different items that you can purchase and equip your shark with. Each and every item has its bonuses and picking a right set of accessory items for your run may determine how long your shark will survive, and how much it will grow. There are also companions you can purchase. These companions come in the form of small sharks that will help you when you hunt, and that will defend you when the dire time comes.

If you have a free time and you simply don’t know how to fulfill it with something interesting, then try Hungry Shark Evolution. You will see how good this game is by the number of the hours you will invest in it.For faster evolving you should use cheats for hungry shark evolution download.

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Best Android apps for weather forecast

Best Android apps for weather forecast


Modern smartphones can do almost everything, so the possibility to use them for a weather forecast comes as no surprise. If you want only the basic information about the current weather conditions, you can use the default applications. If you want more accurate information and not to go out in the rain without an umbrella, it is best to take some of the extra applications for weather forecasting. In Google Play Store there are hundreds of applications for weather forecast, both free and paid. We chose a couple of the most diverse and most widely used applications.

Beautiful Widgets

This is the first Android application that reached a million downloads. This app has been in the top 10 paid apps more than four years in a row. This is an irresistible widget that you simply have to try. In addition to time and date, it offers detailed weather forecast for several days. You can add several cities for which you want to receive the notifications about the weather; the animations are great and not too demanding, while all the setup options are easily available. Within the application Color Clock widgets are available, that can be combined with all kinds of backgrounds and themes. This app has a free and paid version, and if you are willing to pay for the latter, do it without thinking, you will not regret it. Also, if want to be among the first to try out the latest version with new options, you can become a beta tester of the LevelUP studio by becoming a member of their group on the Google+ social network.

Bright Weather

hqdefaultThis is another application that comes from LevelUP studio. It does not have as many settings, but it has an interesting option you will not find in Beautiful Widgets app – you can take a photograph and then share it on social networks with weather information for the city on the photo. If you use a smart watch with Android Wear operating system you will also be able to use the Bright Weather on it without any problems.

 Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! has really done a great job with its apps over the past year. They improved News Digest app, Yahoo Mail and Flickr services, and they also presented an excellent Android weather app – Yahoo! Weather. For each chosen city for which you want to receive weather information, there will be displayed an image characteristic specifically for that city (for example, there will be a photo of the Statue of Liberty for New York).

If you do not have a Yahoo account, you can open it for free and try this application as well as other great features of Yahoo!.


WeatherBug_30_LeadWeatherBug offers great design and user interface. It shows the weather forecast for your city as well as for other cities you determine. Not only that it offers weather forecast, but there are also warnings about the severe weather conditions and a traffic camera, which helps avoiding traffic jams and sharing photos and albums. The app is customizable and can be adapted to your preferences and lifestyle, and it offers personalizing of your home screen, language, and saving several locations.

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